The Bitter, The Sweet.

1. having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste
2. hard to bear; grievous; distressful
3. causing pain; piercing; stinging
4. characterized by intense antagonism or hostility
5. hard to admit or accept
6. resentful or cynical
7. that which is bitter; bitterness
1. having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar
2. pleasing or agreeable; delightful
3. amiable; kind or gracious
4. dear; beloved; precious
5. a sweet flavour, smell, or sound; sweetness
6. something pleasant to the mind or feelings
7. a beloved person


Some of you may have noted the absence, this past Wednesday, of a doleful circumstance visually depicted as a supplement to your life-long training in the avoidance of catastrophe. I apologize in the event that some of you felt compelled to stay indoors, missing fine picnics and riverside strolls, owing to a lack of preparedness which I try to provide.

My good fortune translates to a slight decrease in productivity; I am betrothed and to be subsequently wed to a woman of inestimably fine character and unimpeachable reputation. It is my hope and wish, in this brief period preceding my nuptials, that you will bolster your patience and steel your courage until I can return to may work in the following week. I thank you all in advance for your consideration.

Cordially Yours,



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