The Bitter, The Sweet.

1. having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste
2. hard to bear; grievous; distressful
3. causing pain; piercing; stinging
4. characterized by intense antagonism or hostility
5. hard to admit or accept
6. resentful or cynical
7. that which is bitter; bitterness
1. having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar
2. pleasing or agreeable; delightful
3. amiable; kind or gracious
4. dear; beloved; precious
5. a sweet flavour, smell, or sound; sweetness
6. something pleasant to the mind or feelings
7. a beloved person
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Yeah. Ghibli easily and for sure. 

So, I love Disney, I really do. And I feel like over all their movies aren’t as bad as people often act. Many of them do ultimately have good messages in them, even if it is wrapped in a big pink heteronormative bow. 

But Ghibli, I feel, is consistently better. Their female heroines are always the center stage, and never feel like romance is the ultimate goal of their story. 

Naussica, Sophie, San, Eboshi, Kiki, on and on. Ladies who, some may have some romantic interest, but are never primarily romantic interests. They are warriors more often than not. Center stage in stories that focus on self discovery more often then romance.

Disney much more often has romance as the goal, the dream, the final prize. In Ghibli, it’s much more often than if there’s romance, it’s a side affect of the characters growth and self actualization rather than the main focus.

I just think Ghibli is over all much more empowering. 

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